teressaWell I wanted to show you the progress I have made. The first three photos are from week one. Maybe hard to tell at this stage as it is only the beginning of a whole new awesome healthy body for you.

When I look back at the photos from week one, I remember how I felt in them and I know my mind and body are so much different now.

I actually suffer from depression and I was finding myself having a lot of tough moments about a month leading up to starting this. I am happy to report that i feel the depression is in check and i am always seeing the brighter side to life now. Even colleague have noticed that I am not so stressed. Just goes to show that diet plays such a big part in a persons whole being, body and soul.

Now I know I will never be a model but I am going to try and be the best me possible. 5kg down in 5 weeks and I am feeling awesome! Thank you so much for putting up your inspirational posts and photos. Love that your human makes me so much more motivated to push myself

Looking forward to showing you photos after another four weeks.

Love your work.