Success Stories

Watch the video and read the success stories below to hear from some of the ladies that have seen amazing results in their health and wellbeing because of the Fit Healthy Mums programs.


It is a pretty amazing feeling to know that you played such a huge part of someone’s weight loss journey. Sarah lost 30kgs in 6 months and won 3 gold medals at her bikini competition that she did at 6… Read more


I look back at my before photos and I see a woman who’s had enough of being afraid, tired, neglected and abused. When my size 26 jeans got tight I knew I had to do something. I was literally killing… Read more

Before becoming a first time mum i was very active and thoroughly enjoyed exercising, once i had my beautiful baby girl my motivation levels dropped. I was so exhausted but desperately wanted my pre baby body back. I came across… Read more


THANK YOU JUSTINE!!! I’m 4 months postpartum and I’m currently 3 kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight. ???? ???????? Considering I gained 22kg during my pregnancy, I’m thrilled!!! I couldn’t of done it without your fit & healthy mums eating program! Though I… Read more

Jo - FHS

I couldn’t wait to the last week so I did a check in with myself after 3 weeks, I took a photo and did my measurements again and man, I am so excited with just seeing it in black and… Read more

So proud of this fit healthy mum who has been a member of my community for a few months now. She is 10 months post C section here and had really bad abdominal separation when she joined my program. She… Read more

Kristy - FHM

I just thought I’d share my success with you Justine as it had been my goal to wear a bikini again for our post-wedding beach holiday (I haven’t worn one since we had our bub who’s just older than Leo) 3.5 months… Read more


3 weeks after reading your program Justine. Quite a difference in that short time considering I haven’t actually officially started yet. I’ve changed our meals to incorporate as much as I can of your diet and working out 3-5 times… Read more

Sarah - FHS

After 5 1/2 weeks on Justine’s Fit, Healthy and Strong program I am feeling amazing. Exercising less than I ever have before but much more efficiently. Enjoying eating good quality real food with no calorie counting. I never thought that at… Read more

Catherine Hogan

This fit healthy mum had twins and then completed my online post natal program to get her body back to feeling fit and healthy again!!! She did such an amazing job and I’m so proud of her!! This is what… Read more


So my 8 weeks came to an end this week the last couple of weeks I wasn’t really following the meal plans at all I was a little naughty with food as well but I am feeling amazing I feel… Read more


I’ve just finished 8 weeks on this program. And here are my before and after pics. The before pics were 6 weeks after bub was born and now today 8 weeks later. I wasn’t as good as I should have… Read more


Check out these awesome results from a mum who finished my fit healthy mums post natal program! She looked fab before she started and only wanted to shift a few kilos but wanted a plan that she could use for… Read more


Here we have some pretty amazing results from a mum who has been following my programs, total weight loss is 9kg over the course of around 16 weeks (she has also gained muscle in this time). She started on my… Read more

My weight when I started the post preg prog was 74.4Kgs. I weighed myself yesterday at 68.7kgs. I have not been under 70 in the past 10 years since I left home at 21 at 64kg and went traveling and… Read more

I’ve followed Justine on social media for a while and was was excited to hear about Fit Healthy Mums. After giving birth to my first baby back in October 2013, I had already had one failed attempt at doing a… Read more

Justine Switalla’s Fit Healthy Mums was such a refreshing program. I enjoyed the no calorie counting and focus on real, whole food. The exercise programs were easy to follow and I loved the option of at home exercises for those… Read more


I struggled for years with yo-yoing weight but had a burning desire to create a body I loved. When I teamed up with Juzzy she provided the tools and knowledge to create a healthier lifestyle, a body I loved and… Read more

I’d tried every “diet” there was to try and lose weight. Weight Watchers to Lemon Detox to no carbs, all with unsustainable results, me feeling deprived and inadequate nutrition. I’d followed Juzzy on Facebook for awhile and decided to train with her… Read more

Hi Justine, Thankyou for your amazing Juzz do it program. I have been following the recipes and reading the book for motivation over the past 12 weeks aswell as getting my training back on track. After having 4 boys in… Read more

Well I wanted to show you the progress I have made. The first three photos are from week one. Maybe hard to tell at this stage as it is only the beginning of a whole new awesome healthy body for… Read more


I have always been an active person. As a child I was always playing sport. Having trained myself in the gym for a couple of years and also going through some family stress I fell off the fitness bandwagon. After… Read more


Leonie dropped 6% body fat following my methods to achieve her dream body and was finally able to achieve her goal which was to compete as a Fitness Model. Justine has been an amazing coach. She has helped me broaden… Read more

Here are my long awaited photos, I am so proud of myself! I want to give you the biggest hug and say Thank You so much! I’m on day 17 and feel amazing, I have more energy than I have… Read more

When I first went to see Justine, I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere with my training & diet, needing a shake up and I was seeking professional advice but what I wasn’t expecting was the change in my mindset that… Read more

Up until I moved interstate recently, Justine was my personal trainer for about two years. Like many, I was unhappy with my body and struggled to commit to an exercise regime. For years, I tried to exercise on a regular… Read more

The thing about getting the body you want is not only about training and nutrition- it’s about understanding your why’s, your mind and what makes you tick. Justine gives you all the info you need to help with your body… Read more