Justine Switalla

Q. How do I know which program is for me?

A. The Fit Mum program will suit you from 6 weeks post baby until around 24 months post or even more, there really is no limit on when you can join and we always advise those to start with our 8 week post natal program and then move onto either ‘Fit Healthy and strong’ or ‘Mind Body Overhaul’. If you have not done the ground work post baby then you must start with the post natal program first as it covers all the internal work plus you get the at home training program which is great if you’re a stay at home mum. Fit, healthy and strong is for those who have done the 8 week post natal program and looking to take their training and body to that next level. It is also for those who have not had children and are looking to learn how to gain lean muscle and lose fat the healthy way. If you are after a more one on one coaching approach with load of accountability and education then go for ‘Mind Body Overhaul which is customised for you at any stage of life.

Q. What should I expect from this training and nutrition plan?

A. You should expect to feel healthier, fitter, stronger and happier! Once you have selected the program of your choice you can do a once off download if you wish but you will have access to our fit healthy mums members area where you will find all of your plans, videos and information on the program and you can can access that at any time. You have our full support with training programs and videos, nutritional plans and recipes, and mindset videos to help you get through those tough times.

Q. What exactly are in the plans?

A. The Fit Healthy Mum post pregnancy plans are designed for women who are 6 weeks post partum and have been cleared by their Doctor and/or Physio to begin exercising again. The training has to start off slow and steady post baby as we don’t want you to over do things. Our workouts will take you about 30mins and there is an option to download the beginner or advanced program when you become part of the Fit Healthy Mum family. The beginner program is 2 x weight sessions per week and the advanced is 4 x weight sessions. Both include 1-2 cardio sessions each week to help you regain your fitness. It’s very important to work on your postural and pelvic floor muscles and the videos in the FHM membership site will help you with this. Core workouts are included for those who are ready for them but keep in mind – you don’t want to start working your core too soon, especially if you have endured any abdominal separation. Baby steps!
Everyone who joins FHM gains access to the downloadable “at home training” program as well as your chosen gym routine, so on the days that you can’t get to a gym you can workout from home. You may even choose to do the whole 8 weeks from home if you have the equipment required. All you need is need a set of dumbbells and a resistance band for the ‘at home’ program.
The Fit Healthy Mum programs are very sustainable and will help you to not only get fit and healthy but you will tone up and feel great in the process. If you are looking for an instant fix, crazy and intense workouts or boring, restrictive diets I will be blunt – you are best to look elsewhere. The goals for our programs are to help women tighten their curves, gain lean muscle (you won’t bulk up!), feel strong and regain their fitness and to do it in a way that it becomes a part of your lifestyle. We want you to say goodbye to ‘dieting’!

Q. What qualifications does Justine have – is she a mum?

A. Justine is a full time mum. She has a pre and post natal certificate and is a qualified Personal Trainer. Justine has been in the fitness industry since 2004 and is very passionate about helping women to get into shape and inspiring them to feel proud of their bodies!

Pic from Oxygen Magazine taken by Dallas Olsen!
Pic from Oxygen Magazine taken by Dallas Olsen!

Q. Will I lose weight?

A. That is the goal but we don’t want it to be the main focus. There is far too much pressure on mums these days as it is. Yes we want you to lose weight but we also want you to gain control of your life! In our opinion the weight will come off when everything is aligned and you are eating healthy, doing exercise and have a clear focus on what your goals are and what you want to achieve. We have a very holistic belief at FHM and feel that you need to be mentally ready, emotionally ready and physically ready! We of course help you in all of those areas with the weekly mindset videos. You’re never in this alone!

Q. Why do I have to submit photos?

A. To keep you accountable and to see your results as they happen. Photos are a great way to gauge your results and compare the old to the new, they really are inspiring and motivating. If you wish you can keep the photos to yourself, we just want you to keep a record for your own benefit! Only you will see the before photo but we would love you to share your success story once you have completed the program (with your permission of course) so that you can inspire other women!

Q. Can I continue the plan after 8 weeks?

A.Yes definitely. Once you have completed your 8 week post pregnancy program we have a 6 week program called Fit, Healthy and Strong that will take your body to the next level and turn your body into a lean mean fat burning machine (but still looking after your metabolism) FIT HEALTHY AND STRONG.

Q. When can I start? – how long after baby?

A. You need to have Doctor’s clearance and if all ok you can start after your 6 week check up. You will know when you are ready so please don’t rush it! You need time to get your head around being a mummy first and foremost. You have just created a miracle and your body needs time to heal so please be kind to yourself and start when you are ready!

Q. What checks do I need to have before starting?

A. You need to have Doctor’s clearance to start training with FHM. If you have had any issues during your pregnancy or during the birth of your baby you may also need clearance from your physio.

Q. How long will it take me to get back to my pre baby body?

A. It could take you as long as 9 months! Think of it this way, it took you that long to put the weight on it should take the same time to lose it. This is NOT a quick fix program and yes you will lose weight if you follow it but it is a program that will help you create a healthy lifestyle. We want you looking hot for LIFE not just for a week! And we want you to FEEL good doing it.

Q. How do I know if I’m a beginner or an advanced with the training programs?

A. The beginners program is designed for those who haven’t exercised much in the past. If you are just starting out then this is perfect for you. The advanced is programmed similarly however you have an extra two weights sessions each week. This is designed for those that were training pre pregnancy and have some history in the gym or otherwise. If you are unsure then go with the advanced program as you can always reduce the training if needed.

Q. How does exercise affect breastfeeding?

A. The exercise plans are not intense and are suitable for when you are breastfeeding. If you are eating as the meal plans are prescribed then you will be fine. You also have to drink loads of water to help your supply so we encourage this!

Q. Are your plans OK for women who have had C-sections have severe abdominal separation?

A. Yes definitely. Justine worked with a Physiotherapist to give women everything they need post baby to rehab their bodies the right way on her programs. You get complete access to her Physio exercise library where you will learn how to close your separation and finally get rid of that dreaded ‘mummy ouch’ that carrying babies can sometimes leave behind. You have to be so careful post baby and make sure that you don’t hinder your results and end up worse off than you were pre baby.

This mum had a C section and very bad ab separation and she closed her gap and got a toned mid section by following our post natal program!
This mum had a C section and very bad ab separation and she closed her gap and got a toned mid section by following our post natal program!

Q. What if I don’t like the foods on my plan?

A. That’s ok, let us know what works and what doesn’t and we will make alterations for you so that you are enjoying what you eat. You can mix and match the food. If you don’t like something you can replace it with an alternative. As long as you are following the timing of the food and the format of the plan then you will still progress. Some people love variety and some people love to eat the same thing everyday so you have to find a system that you like and that works for you and your lifestyle.

Q. What if I don’t eat meat?

A. That is not a problem! We have vegetarian meal plans for the Post Pregnancy Plan and also the Pre Pregnancy Plan.

Q. I have an injury

A. If you have an injury you can still join FHM. Begin training when you have been cleared by your healthcare practitioner and are ready to go!

Q. I don’t have access to a gym

A. We have an at home workout program that only requires a set of dumbbells and a resistance band.

Q. How do I get my program?

A. To access your program after you have purchased it or logged into the website, click on the My FHM Profile link in the navigation. On your profile page in the right hand side box under MY PROGRAM you can select to view your nutrition program or training program.

Q. I can’t login properly

A. If you have trouble logging in, just email justine@fithealthymums.com and we can help you straight away!

Q. What can I expect from the meal plans and are they designed by someone who is qualified!

A. Yes absolutely, Steph Lowe who is also known as The Natural Nutritionist has designed all of the meal plans in FHM. Check out her website and qualifications here http://thenaturalnutritionist.com.au/