FitMum Program – Post Pregnancy Online Training

If you are you a Busy Mum and have NO TIME to organise your Training & Nutrition.. then this is for YOU!

I guarantee you will achieve amazing results when you follow our FitMum 2.0 8-week program. I have helped to transform thousands of mums through this program, and I make it as easy as possible as I take all of the guess work out out of it for you. I know first hand how tricky it can be trying to juggle everything as a busy mum, I have 3 boys and my life is hectic. I know how important it is to put my health first so that I can be the best mummy to Mason, Leo & Harli. This isn’t just what I teach, this is what I know & I can teach you.

Do this for you, YOU deserve it!

Justine xx

$97 Once Off Payment $14.99 For 8 weeks

Nutrition, Training & Mindset tools designed by leading health & fitness professional, Justine Switalla. This program is designed to help you to get into the best shape in your life and STAY there! Watch this video and let me introduce myself!

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Justine and Leo

My FitMum 2.0 program is for you if

  • You need a sustainable training and nutrition plan that will look after you and your metabolism long term.
  • You are sick of counting calories and cutting out food groups, both of which we DO NOT believe in here at Fit Healthy Mums
  • You want to be part of an amazing community of mums who support, encourage and motivates each other.
  • You want a program designed by a mum for a mum. Justine is living proof that you can juggle everything and get your post baby body back. Let her show you how she did it!
  • You want more energy and less stress in your life.
  • You are sick of giving up and feeling alone.
  • You want to tone and shape your body in the healthiest way possible and you want these results NOW!

Check out these amazing results, this could be YOU!

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What you get when you join:

  • Step by step meal guides that are super easy to follow, healthy and delicious! These meal plans were designed by a fully qualified nutritionist and are based around whole foods, and are good enough for the whole family to eat. If you are breast feeding then you are fine to eat from these plans. Our meal plans also include quick and easy guilt free treats so you will not feel like you need to binge out on the ‘bad stuff’ anymore!
  • Vegetarian and Vegan food plans available.
  • Easy to follow workout routines that have been designed with a ‘busy mum’ in mind. You will NOT spend hours in the gym, these workouts are quick yet super effective! You have the choice of training at home or at the gym so you will have NO excuses not to get your workouts in. We also cater if you are a beginner or a more advanced trainer.
  • You get an 8 week training program for the gym and for home and it is all periodised in a way that you will get fitter, stronger and leaner. You can start at any fitness level as the initial 8 weeks has a beginner training program as well as an advanced one. We take the guess work out of your training, never again will you walk into a gym and not know what to do, we have you totally covered and want to see you succeed!
  • You get emails every second day with quick & easy 5 minute core workouts.
  • We focus on assisting mums to rebuild their core using pilates methods which will strengthen your pelvic floors & assist with closing any abdominal separation.
  • Mindset tools direct to your inbox, and a heap of support inside our FHM Facebook forum.
Mother and daughter running


  • 24/7 support and encouragement from the other ladies doing this program, be prepared to make lifelong friends!
  • You gain access to the members area of this site where you have access to an exercise library with 100’s of exercises plus core & stretch routines and video exercises and tips from our Physiotherapist on post natal care.
  • You get your own in house Physiotherapist who explains in depth everything that you need to know pre and post baby. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars seeing a Physio, we have you covered!!! This includes exercises to help you close your abdominal separation, help you get better posture and how to exercise your pelvic floor properly.
  • Mindset tools! Justine will talk you through the first 8 weeks with her online mindset video program. This will help you overcome any issues that may be holding you back and help you to get your head in the right place. We want to help you mentally and emotionally as well as physically.
  • Loads of ongoing tips and assistance to help you stay motivated and on track!
Mums running with kids

Join now for $97


Check out Sarah’s transformation!

SarahIt is a pretty amazing feeling to know that you played such a huge part of someone’s weight loss journey. Sarah lost 30kgs in 6 months and won 3 gold medals at her bikini competition that she did at 6 months post baby. Sarah followed my post natal program to help her get her body to the place that it is today!

What Sarah said about her Fit Healthy Mum journey:

Here are the before & after photos of the last 6 months since I gave birth to my baby girl last year. The first photo is from when bubs was 10 days old and the 2nd photo was taken when bubs was 6 months old! I put on 30kgs during my pregnancy and have lost 30kgs now thanks to Justine and her Fit Healthy Mums post pregnancy program. Life is so different to how you think it will be once you are a mum and you can’t explain that to somebody who hasn’t had children, your program was easy and practical to follow on my post-pregnancy journey! Thank you for helping me achieve my goals, and not only that but claiming 3 x gold medals & 1 x silver in my INBA competition ??? My advice to new mums is to live each day as it comes and to not be too hard on yourself. Don’t put expectations on yourself to be perfect just put one foot in front of the other and just be present in every moment!!!

Justine and Leo


You deserve to be the best version of you and that starts here!


Once Off Payment


per week for 8 weeks