After 5 1/2 weeks on Justine’s Fit, Healthy and Strong program I am feeling amazing. Exercising less than I ever have before but much more efficiently. Enjoying eating good quality real food with no calorie counting. I never thought that at 4 1/2 months after having a baby I’d be looking and feeling this good. I also have one very healthy exclusively breast fed baby so this program has not had any impact whatsoever on my milk supply. I’ve lost 3kg, lost 6cm from waist and 4.5cm from hips. I’m now below my pre pregnancy weight!

The food program is great as it’s not a structured ‘eat this for every meal’ program but rather one that gives you principles to follow and work with which I love.

I’m looking forward to relaxing a little bit over Christmas and planning to do the 6 week exercise program again from 1st Jan, now that I am back to pre baby weight my focus is on continuing to increase strength and improve muscle definition and to keep working on getting my tummy back (still a little way to go).

Thanks Justine for an amazing program, the video library of exercises is fantastic and the facebook support group is a great initiative.

Sarah - FHS