My weight when I started the post preg prog was 74.4Kgs. I weighed myself yesterday at 68.7kgs. I have not been under 70 in the past 10 years since I left home at 21 at 64kg and went traveling and put on weight. I’ve still got work to do but I’ve never managed to actually achieve weight loss more than 2 kg in the past 10 years. I have never felt so good. I haven’t really done the post exercise prog from about 4 weeks as I hurt my back and although I haven’t stuck to meal plan 100% I would say I’m making better food choices and actual changes to my lifestyle more consistently and this is how I’m finally loosing weight. Just started the 12 week pre preg prog this week and am so looking forward to what I can achieve now my head is in the right place. Thank you Justine Switalla because if it wasn’t for this prog I wouldn’t be achieving what I am!!

Kim Before & After