Before becoming a first time mum i was very active and thoroughly enjoyed exercising, once i had my beautiful baby girl my motivation levels dropped. I was so exhausted but desperately wanted my pre baby body back. I came across the FHM program and bought it straight away with all good intentions to start training immediately but to be honest every time i thought of training i would collapse on the couch instead, i was in need of some serious motivation!

Justine had posted a video on the forum about the offer of a VIP program which would give a lucky few some extra motivation, support and guidance, exactly what i needed of so i quickly posted a comment in hope that Juzzy would pick me and luckily enough she did.

What i got from the VIP program was everything Juzzy promised and so much more. Both Juzzy and her hubby Matt are a force to be reckoned with. Our fortnightly webinars we not only informative but also thought provoking and enlightening. I learnt so much not only in regards to training and nutrition but also about overall mental and emotional well-being. During our one on one catch ups Juzzy would offer the motivation and encouragement to keep going.

Im so thankful that i was chosen to be part of the VIP program because Im 100% back into my training, eating well and emotionally in a much better place. I’m also in all of my pre baby clothes ????

I can honestly say if it wasn’t for this program i would still be on the couch, So a very big thank you to Juzzy and Matt for giving me the motivation i needed to achieve my goals.