I couldn’t wait to the last week so I did a check in with myself after 3 weeks, I took a photo and did my measurements again and man, I am so excited with just seeing it in black and white. I have lost 2kgs but most importantly I am shrinking!! I have lost 4cm in my waist, 3cm in my hips, 2cm in my butt, 3cm in my thighs and 0.5cm in my biceps. We have our first wedding anniversary tomorrow and I have the same measurements I did when I walked down the isle – (but funnily I’m 3kg heavier. Goes to show the scales aren’t always right). I have my favourite pair of jeans that I have kept in the back of the wardrobe and haven’t worn for a year and I cautiously slipped them on today and they fitted! I can’t wait for the next 3 weeks to see what other gains and loses I can achieve.

I have attached some photos (had to cut my head off as I look dreadful with no make up) The week 1 photo was taken at very start but was after training 2x a week with weights for 3 months with 40 min cardio after each session but I wasn’t getting any results. The extra 2 days and focused muscle group and interval 20 minute cardio has made a huge difference. Thank you so much Justine – this programme came into my life at the right time and I am so thankful to you. My confidence and sparkle was dulling and now I feel amazing!!

Jo - FHS