Post Pregnancy Plus

Post Pregnancy Program Plus

Only one payment of $119.00

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8 Week Payment Plan Plus

Only $14.99 per week!

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Pic from Oxygen Magazine taken by Dallas Olsen!
Pic from Oxygen Magazine taken by Dallas Olsen!

Post Pregnancy Program

Fit Healthy Mums 8 week program is designed to help mums get into shape post baby. As long as you have had clearance from your Dr then you are good to go. 

Fit Healthy Mums post natal program is for you if:

  • You need a sustainable training and nutrition plan that will look after you and your metabolism long term.
  • You are sick of counting calories and cutting out food groups, both of which we DO NOT believe in here at Fit Healthy Mums.
  • You want to be a part of a community of amazing mums who support, encourage and motivate each other.
  • You want a program designed by a mum for mums. Justine is living proof that you can juggle everything and get your post baby body back. Let her show you how she did it!
  • You want more energy and less stress in your life.
  • You are sick of giving up and feeling alone.
  • You want to tone and shape your body in the healthiest way possible and you want these results NOW!

Today’s webinar special comes with *FREE* bonuses when you join:

  1. Justine’s favourite healthy and delicious desserts
  2. Our Fit Healthy Mums 30 day kickstart journal to keep you accountable and on track!
Learn exactly how Justine got her abs back post baby by following her program!
Learn exactly how Justine got her abs back post baby by following her program!

You will also get the following when you join:

  • You get set out meal plans designed by my nutritionist for 8 weeks that are based around whole foods good enough for the whole family to eat and safe if you are breastfeeding! This includes quick and easy yummy guilt free treats!
  • You get 8 weeks of training for at home and at the gym. We have advanced or beginner options for the program for the gym.
  • You get access to our super supportive Facebook forum where Justine will help you on your journey. You will also get loads of support from the other ladies doing our programs and make lifelong friends!
  • You also get access to the members area of this site where you have access to an exercise library of 70 exercises plus core & stretch routines and video exercises and videos/tips from our team Physiotherapist on post natal care which includes exercises to help with abdominal separation, your posture and your pelvic floor!
  • You get weekly mindset lessons, we want to help you mentally and emotionally as well as physically!

PLUS… You also get emails from Justine every week to keep you on track and inspired, you get this and much much more!!!!

The best part is that when you join you get a lifetime membership so you can do the program as many times as you like. This Fit Healthy Mums program with everything that you get is valued well into the thousands… And you pay only $119!!!

I hope you will join our fit healthy mum community and let us help you rebuild your body and make it even better than it was before bub!

Please note: this program suits you if you are 6 weeks post partum or upwards, it is never too late to join us! It is always suggested that you start with this 8 week post natal program if you have not done your post baby rehab properly ie if you still have abdominal separation. After doing this program you can then move on to our next phase program which is a tad more intense called Fit, Healthy and Strong!

Catherine Hogan
This twin mumma followed Fit Healthy Mums post natal program and dropped 4 dress sizes!!!