NuWoman 30PLUS benefits!

When we think of hormones, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Puberty is first, then periods, then mood swings and just being a woman. As we age our hormones also change, and let’s not forget those pre and post pregnancy feelings. Oh the joys!

What doesn’t come to mind is regulating normal everyday functions like hunger, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, energy levels, your metabolism, the health of your joints and bones, your body composition and libido.

Hormones sure do a lot in our bodies and when our hormones are off balance, we start to feel a bit off kilter and this can lead to feelings of overwhelm, and anxiety.

Things like weight gain and excess body fat that seems to be accumulating even when we feel we are on track with our health goals, loss of muscle, being way more tired than normal, mood swings, feeling anxious and being downright irritated with anything and everything. Even losing that loving feeling in the bedroom can all be attributed to your hormones.

Starting contraception, having children, breastfeeding, stress, family life, work life, dealing with the new normal of shifting levels, as women we wear so many hats, and become the manager of everything.



We can manage most aspects of our life and what I have mentioned above by implementing some self-care strategies into our daily routines. Simple things such as setting daily intentions, meditation, getting some fresh air and vitamin D, adding more into joy to our lives, and making sure that we breathe and reach out to our loved ones when we feel we need the extra support.

The thing we can’t seem to manage on our own is our hormones. Or can we?

NuWoman is a hormone balance support brand, in fact, it’s New Zealand’s #1 product for women and their hormones. NuWoman has been providing support to women to help balance their hormones in New Zealand and internationally for twenty years, so we know it works.

I have been taking it for 8 months now, and I have noticed a huge shift in my energy levels, my mental clarity, my ability to manage the overwhelm, and my periods and mood swings have eased off. I now suggest it to my close friends and family, as I know it works and how it can make such a positive impact in our everyday lives.

NuWoman’s natural formulation is safe and effective and does not contain hormone mimicking properties, nor does it put extra hormones into your body. You really do need to be careful with what you put into your body, especially when it comes to your hormones.

How NuWoman works is it supports your own individual hormones into getting back into their unique balance, which is pretty amazing in itself!

NuWoman 30 PLUS is a natural supplement that is scientifically formulated to effectively regulate your hormones with natural ingredients that have a synergistic effect on your body:

Cimi-Max® works to regulate your hormones.

Tyrosine works to assist your adrenal and thyroid function to help with hormone balance. 

Chromium works to support and regulate blood sugar levels, enabling you and your body to function better.

Vitamins B6, B9 and B12, work to break down excess hormone levels allowing your body to remain balanced.

Calcium helps to maintain strong bones and carry out many important functions.





As a woman and health professional I am very pleased to have found the support that NuWoman gives me, and I can not recommend it highly enough.

Juzzy xx

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