Just my 2 cents….


This blog post is not so much directed at me or my life more so at the things that I see and read about online. Seriously there is honestly no pleasing everyone, these days you can’t say one thing without it being taken out of context by someone who has their own issues or insecurities going on.

You can’t be a fit pregnant woman without getting some backlash, you can’t say that being fit and healthy helped you get pregnant, you can’t show the world that you’re proud of your post baby body without someone saying you are a bad mother. You can’t even share your successes without someone trying to bring you down or bad mouth you behind your back. Social media gives people an open platform to be vocal and spread their negativity, it does my head in but there is nothing we can do about it, we just have to turn a blind eye and carry on right!?

Here’s the thing, it’s totally ok to feel sad or down about certain issues that are going on in your life. You have every right to be upset if things are not going to plan or you are feeling down and out, the fact is that we all have our struggles that we need to deal with but your hard times shouldn’t be taken out on someone else.

We need to respect other people’s lives, the choices that they make and how they choose to share their lives. I see a lot of things that I disagree with online but that doesn’t give me the right to put them down or judge them as I have no idea what these people could be battling or how hard they have worked to get to where they are now.

Becoming a mum honestly opens you up to so much criticism, it saddens me that mothers do this to each other as we all know how hard being a mum is and how much support and encouragement we all need to make it through our daily grind.

No one is going to live the same life or raise a child the same way, we all have to do what works for ourselves. There isn’t one way to bring up a child and no one has any right to judge the way parents do their job the only way that they know how. I love to share my message of health, fitness and wellbeing in the hope that I can inspire women and perhaps lead them down a path where they will put their health first. I love my son more than life itself but I would never let being a mummy give me the reason to eat crap and not exercise. Being a mum makes me even more determined to be the best possible role model for Leo and teach him how to live a healthy and active yet balanced life!

I for one, have never been the type of person to ever try to bring another person down, it just isn’t in me to do so and who’s got time for that shit anyway! I want to treat people the way that I would like to be treated and I always give people the benefit of the doubt, which can sometimes backfire on me but I choose to live my life peacefully and that means forgiving those that hurt me or who have done wrong by me. I don’t forget but I forgive, life is too short to carry around negativity and pain. Perhaps next time before you put someone else down or judge them stop and think, what good does putting them down really do? If it makes you feel good then I am sorry but you need to get your ego in check, if you are truly happy within yourself and feel secure with who you are then you wouldn’t be putting others down!

It is so important to try and keep your head in a positive place, even on those days/weeks where life is tough and you feel like the world is against you! If you believe in the greater good and trust that you will make it through the tough times and come out a stronger person it makes those tough times that little bit easier to deal with!

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Sending all you amazing mums out there a huge virtual group hug as I think that is what we all need.


Love and Peace!


Justine xxx

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