Abdominal Separation- How to tell if you have it and what to do about it if you do!

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The image above is a great pic showing what abdominal separation looks like (pic on the top right). I have also included a pic of myself and one of the mums who I have worked with. She had bad ab separation after her C-section and my program helped her to close her gap and flatten her stomach.

I had around 3 finger separation after Leo was born and worked on this with the help of Kylie (our Fit healthy mums Physio). If you have abdominal separation you really do need to be careful with the type of training you do post baby.

You must avoid all crunch type exercises and work more on bracing through your core. SRC recovery shorts are also great to wear postpartum!

Kylie and I made exercises videos for my post natal program that will help you with your ab separation if you have it, it is important to go about things the right way and not rush!

Getting back into things too soon or doing the wrong type of training can and will hinder your results, you could end up going backwards and worse think that you need to ‘train harder’ or ‘diet’ more to lose your mummy pouch. I receive messages all of the time from mums in distress regarding Diastasis Recti or abdominal separation so this is an issue that needs to be spoken about as many have it and don’t know!

With the right post baby program, you can close your separation and tone and flatten your stomach. It is never too late to start his process either, my program has helped ladies from post birth to as late as 9 years post partum!

Please if you are unsure if you have abdominal separation watch the video I have filmed below explaining how to check if you have it and what you need to do if you discover that you do have it!

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Below are some of the mums before and afters who have done this exact program after having ab separation plus my own post baby transformation pic!


screen-shot-2015-01-15-at-9-31-16-am screen-shot-2015-04-29-at-1-19-58-pm

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Yours in health

Justine xx

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