The thing about getting the body you want is not only about training and nutrition- it’s about understanding your why’s, your mind and what makes you tick. Justine gives you all the info you need to help with your body but she also takes time out to help with the inside stuff! She is genuinely caring and listens and takes time to work on YOUR barriers and YOUR roadblocks. Self-belief is KEY to getting the body you want. I’ve had online trainers who give me the food and the training and then say, “Just do, no questions!” Not with Juzzy- she is the whole package! Juzzy has helped me believe in myself in ways that have inspired me to keep going time after time- as she says, “be kind to yourself and stop the bashing!!” Empowering myself as a woman and a mother makes me a better person and she is one of the reason I don’t talk trash about myself anymore- she is AMAZING!! One genuine strong woman!


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