When I first went to see Justine, I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere with my training & diet, needing a shake up and I was seeking professional advice but what I wasn’t expecting was the change in my mindset that would come through the guidance and support I had from her.

After slogging away for years like a mouse on wheel doing too much cardio, struggling to gain muscle, having the wrong diet and low self-esteem, I was in a rut, not really sure how to break the negative cycle and move forward. I had a terrible relationship with food and a tendency to over exercise and was not eating to fuel my workouts, although I was eating healthy foods it was the wrong amounts / wrong timing and too restrictive –always one step forward and two steps back. The nutritional advice I got from Justine changed not just the way I look (I’m stronger than ever) but how I feel; I have so much more energy, a clearer mind and we easily worked around my difficult gluten free vegie diet! I was as weak as a kitten when I started PT & had a lot of technique and posture issues that I had gathered over the years but I am now more stronger and focused when I go to the gym and train with structure. I now know what works & I now do half as much cardio and have much better results than I’ve ever had. Every session I’ve had with Juzzy is not only productive but always fun no matter how much your legs shake afterwards!

Having a healthy and empowered life is priceless; they do go hand in hand and the ‘quick fix’solutions are exactly that – short term at best. Changing how you feel towards diet and exercise is critical for long-term change and for guidance and support and so much industry experience I recommend Justine without hesitation. What I have learned has made me more confident, knowledgeable, healthier (mind and body) and I’m constantly progressing with my training –it should be a lifestyle you enjoy, not a battle & I couldn’t ask for a better coach. There’s a very good reason why she’s an inspiration to so many women!


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