Stop Counting Calories, they are actually GOOD for you!!!

Far to many women are obsessed with the amount of calories that they consume. It is OK to be mindful of what you eat, but it is also dangerous to become obsessed with counting every morsel of food that you eat.

I for one, have never being one to count the amount of calories that I eat. When I am in preparation for a photo shoot I track my macro’s and keep an eye on my calories, more so to make sure that I am eating enough. I weigh my food and of course I am much more diligent with my portion size’s as it is crucial to have the right nutrients at certain times throughout the day. I focus giving my body the right food at the right time, especially for the amount of training that I am doing. 

I know for a fact that there are girls out there who will consume a large (but, healthy) dish and then straight afterwards they feel guilty that they have gone over their quota of calories for the day. They go on to think… “Ugh, this has 300 calories in it, I will have to train these off right away”!

Food has to be thought of as something delicious, something we need for energy, food is FUEL and our bodies need it. If you are active and work out  regularly then you need calories to fuel for your muscles, you need to get calories in to get results!

These days, women think of calories as something BAD, that will in turn make them fat. We count calories, analyze calories, and curse calories, wrongly believing that they are evil and will pack on the kilos. 

It can become so obsessive that it will take over your life. It is extremely unhealthy and you run the risk of gaining weight because you aren’t eating enough and your body will be in a constant state of stress so will hold onto everything it can, which in turn will drastically slow down your metabolism. 

All of you out there who can relate to what I am saying and have adapted that ‘calories are evil’ need to think of it like this…

You need to start looking at calories as fuel, rather than something that will make you gain weight!

Yes, many of us know deep down calories provide energy and fuel, but we never take a second to think about it, and really truly believe in it. 

You run the risk of destroying your body, not to mention your mindset all at the same time! 

So take a break from reading the labels on every little thing and start enjoying life and eating because it makes you feel good and provides you with the energy that you need to get you throughout the day. 

We read so many diet articles, books and magazines about how we need to “watch our calories, and keep an eye on our portion sizes, but there’s never anything about how we need to focus on consuming healthy, wholesome, hearty foods (yes, with calories-sometimes lots of ’em) to live a healthy lifestyle as an active woman! 

Believe it or not,  an average weight 30 to 45 year old woman who exercises regularly needs up to 1800- 2000 calories a day to maintain a healthy weight. And to think most of you out there are probably eating half that!

No, I’m not saying dive into everything in sight like french fries, cupcakes or pizza! I’m saying fuel your body with the right foods at the right time! Fuel your body with lean protein, veggies, complex carbs, fruits and healthy fats and you won’t need to be counting calories and analyzing what your consuming every friggin’ minute.  

When I work with my online clients we focus on giving them a macro breakdown to stick to and we change it accordingly as they work with me. Yes we need to make sure that they stick to a certain amount of calories but we don’t want them counting calories, more so nutrient timing and getting enough nutrients in throughout the day. When you start on a weight loss or fat loss journey you definitely do need structure and a plan that will work for you and your goal.  If you don’t have structure or support from the right people you will end up lost and confused and in turn you will fall into the ‘yoyo’ dieting trap and you will never find that comfortable place where you can maintain a healthy body ongoing.

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Justine x