Your OptiMUM Body

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Welcome To My Fit Healthy Mums Site!

This is a place where you will get all of the tools that you need to live in a body that you feel
confident in. You will have NO reason to give up and EVERY reason to turn your life around for the
better! This is not a ‘fad’ or a quick fix, this is a way of life.

I am super passionate about helping mums to not only get into shape but to also empower them to
be the best that they can be. I created this online community so that we all have a ‘safe’ place, a
place where we can share anything and everything we need to with a community of understanding
mums who GET IT.

I am so excited to be on this journey with you and to play a small part in you creating not only your
best body but your best life. This is YOUR time, so get excited as this is only the beginning of what is
going to be the most amazing thing you will EVER do!

Fit Healthy Mums ‘Your OptiMUM body’ 12 week program is designed to get you healthy from the inside out. This is the perfect plan for you if you are trying to get your body healthy for pregnancy or just healthy for life in general!

Fit Healthy Mums OptiMUM body is for you if:

    • You need a sustainable training and
      nutrition plan that will look after you and
      your metabolism long term.
    • You are sick of counting calories and
      cutting out food groups, both of which we
      DO NOT believe in here at Fit Healthy Mums
    • You want to be part of an amazing
      community of mums who support,
      encourage and motivates each other.
    • You want more energy and less stress in your
      life. You are sick of giving up and feeling alone.
    • You want to tone and shape your body in the
      healthiest way possible and you want these
      results NOW!

‘Your OptiMUM body’ will detox your body, re-energize you and balance your hormones as well as transform your body!

What you get when you join:

  • You get 12 weeks of set out meal plans are all laid out for you
  • You get 3 x 4 weekly food plans that are all based around eating whole foods and eating nutrient dense food at the right time. We at fit healthy mums believe in eating REAL food. Nature knows best and your body knows what to do with real food!
  • We have vegetarian meal plan option available for those that don’t eat meat!
  • The 12 weeks of training is periodised, this means the training volume will increase as you move through the program and are feeling fitter and stronger.
  • It is a combination of weights, cardio, core work and stretching, the perfect combination to transform your body and not only get you looking amazing but feeling proud of the body that you live in.
  • You get a 12 week training program for at home so you can train at home if you can’t get to a gym.. This is so you don’t have any excuses!
  • You get weekly emails from Justine with tips and inspiration to keep you on track.

PLUS – Those who join get access to the Facebook support forum where you get support from Justine and her team of experts and all of the other women doing our programs.


If you are happy and healthy the roll on effect will be that your family are also happy and healthy.

You deserve to be the best version of you and that starts here and now when you join up.


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This program has been trialed and tested by hundreds of women
from all around the world, and it WORKS!
You can sign up and become a member for only 3 monthly payments of $37 or for one full payment of $97.
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