Here we have some pretty amazing results from a mum who has been following my programs, total weight loss is 9kg over the course of around 16 weeks (she has also gained muscle in this time).

She started on my post natal 8 week plan and then moved onto my 12 week program. I just love that, yes she has lost weight, but also that this is a lifestyle for her now and she is also still breast feeding and has a great supply (so she tells me) which means that the food she is eating is nourishing her and her bubs

This is what she had to say:

‘Iv truly loved being on this program and a part of the forum. My husband has been following the program as well and is down 4kgs in 8 weeks – AMAZING and so proud of him! Thanks again Justine Switalla – love your work!’

How good is that, hubby has lost weight too, this truly makes me so happy, it is all about the ripple effect and making it a family affair!