Are you Still Overweight and feel like you have lost all Hope?

Hello Gorgeous!

Have your Goals for 2017 fallen on the wayside? It is so common for people to start the year off with great intentions, but due to the cold weather, sickness and just an all round decrease in motivation you end up either stuck or in a worse position that what you were when you started. That constant Yo-Yo dieting has kicked in and you are UP one minute, down the next and you can’t work out WHY the weight isn’t budging or why those dam scales keep going UP instead of down!

This leaves you feeling lost, overwhelmed, unhappy and OVER it and makes you want to give up! BUT you really want to feel great come Spring/Summer time and you are now looking for the help that you need to kick the unwanted weight and feel great about yourself again.

I guess you need to ask yourself a question, ‘do I want to stay unhappy, or am I ready to tackle this head on and get the help that I need to finally feel AMAZING inside and out’?

Sooooo, if you are ready to reach out and achieve amazing things in your life, then keep reading!

Applications are now OPEN for my August intake of my ‘Mind & Body Overhaul Program’!

If you are ready NOW then please fill out the form below ASAP and I will follow up via email and make a time to contact you for your consultation.


This program is for you if…


  • You are stuck in a rut
  • You are busy and overwhelmed and feel exhausted all the time
  • You are a busy mum or a busy women who has too much on your plate and you just can’t on top of your goals
  • You beat yourself up when you eat something bad or skip a workout
  • You Eat your emotions
  • You are Bored with your training
  • You Lack motivation and direction
  • You want to learn how to eat for optimal fat loss, but remain healthy and sane at the same time
  • You are ready to step outside of your comfort zone to learn about nutrition, training and how to conquer your fears
  • You want to learn about nutrition & effective ways to train your body
  • You have unwanted stubborn body fat to lose
  • You want to gain confidence and finally feel HAPPY in your own skin


Don’t believe me that this program works, then hear it from Sam who has completed the program and is still working with me today! Sam lost 16kgs and is now full in control of how she lives her life. No more overwhelm, she is confident and kicking more goals in life than ever before!

Sam’s written testimonial is below!
I approached Justine for help because I was really down about the way I looked, and I felt unfit and healthy. I remember sending my first photos to her and could hardly look at them! I knew Justine would be able to provide what I needed, which was mainly just a kick up the bum! But what I got from her was so much more! Justine encouraged me to start loving myself and be comfortable in the body that I have. She truly understands the pressures of being a working mum and that sometimes we just don’t have time to fit in exercise and meal planning! Her meal plans were personalised and she had heaps of suggestions for meals to keep things exciting, all being super easy to make. I’ve really enjoyed feeling strong from the weight training too, and she changes it up so regularly to keep your body guessing!

I have had a fantastic result from the program, and I am so proud and confident in myself now. I love going to the gym and feeling fit and healthy again. I have lost a total of 16kg since July 2016 and between 15-24cm off my major measurements! Thank you Justine for your amazing program, you have really improved my health and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle in the long-term!

What some of my other client’s have said about this program:

I just LOVE your program. I don’t seem to be as hungry or chasing the next meal, which is great. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for some time, so it’s such a relief to be able to eat good quality, yummy food without feeling guilty and also feeling satisfied. I love the good fats!!!!

I’ve been journalling as well to help with the emotional side of things. Lack of sleep is a big one for me and I notice it affects my hormones/state of mind negatively. I’ve really identified that my internal dialogue is not very kind, so your post the other day and also your reminders are really valuable to me as it’s not something that comes naturally to me. I really have to work at it.  Having said that, for the first time in a long time, I’m actually feeling good about myself and not feeling so depressed every time I look in the mirror.

What I really love about your program is the constant support. I love the emails, the webinars and your lifestreams and FB posts. I really feel like that you are on my side, and I love that you respond so quickly when I have a question or need help – whether it’s on social media, personal message or email. It’s a credit to you Juzzy, I don’t knowhow you fit it all in, but I’m grateful. 

As you know, I’ve done so many ‘diets’ and programs, but for me yours has been by far the most personalised and a godsend, and just what I needed. I am absolutely thrilled  with my progress so far, and feeling pumped about where I can go from here!

‘My life has changed so much and I have never felt this energetic and happy. I can not thank Juzzy enough for having me be a part of her exclusive program and sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise with me, she has changed my life forever and I’m so grateful for that’

‘The constant and on going support and encouragement I’m receiving to get through is like nothing I’ve experienced before and is a major driver as to why I’ve been able to stick with it. The food is amazing, I’m never hungry and it’s also so motivating to keep going when you notice the results within such a short space of time.’

You need to apply for this program so that we are 100% sure that this is the right fit for you. I don’t want you to apply if you are 60% sure or just ‘think’ that you are ready to make changes, you have to be 100% ready. This will be the start of a very exciting journey for you where you will LEARN, GROW and EVOLVE.

Have a listen to Lee’s story and how this exact program has changed her life!!!

If you are ready NOW then please fill out the form below asap and I will follow up via email and make a time to contact you for an interview.


Check out Kirsty’s Before and After and have a read of her journey working with me on this exact program!


Her words are very inspiring for other busy mums, and check out her bikini bod now.. Just WOW!!!

“I started Justine’s Mind Body Overhaul program in April last year and completed two rounds- I was breastfeeding, sleep deprived and trying to juggle two young children at the time. I thought that I was ready for the challenge of transforming my body and put a LOT of pressure on myself to achieve big goals in a short period of time and you know what, I just wasn’t ready for that yet…BUT after completing the two rounds I took on all of the invaluable things that I had learned- how to train hard and eat right- and slowly started to incorporate the changes into my life.
Justine’s program definitely does work!! You just need to soak it all up and plug away at your goals at your own pace. It may take 4 weeks or it may take a year but if you don’t give up you will make progress!
Justine has given me the education and the inspiration to keep going and I can’t thank them enough for this”

This is what you get when you get access to this exclusive group:

  • Access to the exclusive Facebook forum with Justine and the other ladies who are screen-shot-2017-03-23-at-8-00-46-amdoing the program
  • Weekly Emails and Check in’s with Justine
  • Goal setting at the start of each week  
  • Live FB video’s in the Facebook forum
  • 8 x group webinars on subjects such as emotional eating, nutrition, how to manage stress, detoxing and gut health, hormones with Justine and other experts in the health and wellness fields (see their bio’s below).
  • Live Q&A Video’s in the Facebook forum with Justine
  • screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-8-34-08-amPersonalised food and training plans where Justine will make any tweaks when needed. You get access to all of Justine’s IP. You will learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine with the right tools! This is all uniquely and personalised for YOU! 
  • New and Exciting Training Programs catered to you and your needs & lifestyle
  • Bonus PDF’s, such as a smoothie recipe book, healthy deserts, mindset strategies, healthy recipes etc

Here are the bio’s of the guest speakers and experts that will be on the coaching calls with me throughout the 8 weeks:

screen-shot-2017-03-29-at-11-36-53-amNicole Nicholson – Herbalist and Nutritionist has been practicing for over 6 years. Nicole’s personal issues with her own gut and interest in nutrition have led her to focus on digestive health. Gut health can impact every aspect of a person’s life, and Nicole believes that if the gut is not working well then nothing else in the body can work effectively. Her particular focus is on Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), food intolerances, other gut related issues and specialised detoxification.


screen-shot-2017-03-29-at-11-38-16-amSonja Courtis – is a specialist in Mindset and Emotional wellbeing. She specifically helps people to develop a kind and loving relationship with themselves. Sonja has invested most of her life in understanding the fundamentals of what helps us to live happy and abundant lives. She have spent well over 25 of my 42 year years learning and embodying the fields of positive psychology, mindset and emotional wellbeing for overall emotional and physical health. Sonja’s job is to help you have the best relationship you can with yourself, so that you can subsequently have the best life you deserve. 

screen-shot-2017-03-29-at-11-37-24-amPenny Lomas – Penny is a Published Fitness Model, 3 x Oxygen Magazine Covergirl & Ambassador, Fitness Athlete, Personal Trainer & Biosignature Modulation Practitioner.


This program is NOT for you if:

– You will give up when the going gets tough- this is NOT going to be easy, there is NO such thing as a quick fix in this program!

– You blame others for your lifestyle choices and have a poor me attitude!

– You are not 200% ready to commit to YOU and you want to stay the same mentally, physically and emotionally!

– You are not ready to love the skin you are in

– You will let one bad day ruin your results and stop you from achieving all you have ever wanted from life!

– You are not a team player and will not support the other ladies on this journey with you!

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There are 3 levels of an online client that you can be when you join:

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

I will explain the difference to you over the phone, I have done this so that absolutely EVERYONE gets what they need from the program as we all start from different places! Also the pricing structure is different depending on what level you join on which means this is now MORE affordable than ever!!!

The cost of each level is different as well, this will all be explained in person in your consultation.


Get your application form in ASAP as spots are limited and already filling up fast!

I look forward to speaking with you soon Gorgeous, let’s f*#kin’ do this once and for all!!!

Justine xxx

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