FEMME 30 – 30 Days to Reset, Recharge & Rejuvenate!

FEMME is SUPER excited to bring to you you something fresh that will kickstart your 2021 and assist you in getting rid of the dreaded bloat & inflammation. If you want to feel lighter, and gain more ENERGY then this is for you! 

Let’s face it, 2020 was a shaky year and our health goals may have fallen off the wayside.

More stress

More alcohol 

More processed foods

Less movement 

Less self-care 

and less mindfulness, just to name a few

The good news is that it is not all doom and gloom, and if you feel like you are no where near where you need to be, then I have the solution that will help you to get on top of your health goals in 2021 

Kicking off on Monday 8th February for only $97 upfront OR $27 per week!

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FEMME 30 is a 30 day all inclusive program where you get it all laid out for you. 

Here are just some of the amazing benefits if you join us for this life changing experience:

You will strengthen your core & pelvic floor 

Decrease inflammation in your body

Get rid of the dreaded bloat which in turn will help you flatten your tummy 

You will feel lighter 

Reset your gut 

and if you adhere to it all you will drop unwanted body fat.

To really start to thrive and get the most out of eating healthy and training, you need to make sure that you are working on what’s happening on the inside, with your internal organs. If we can repair the damage to the gut and liver, I can guarantee that you will start to look & feel AMAZING. You will understand what it feels like to have vitality & real energy, that you get from the food that you eat (not stimulants). 

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Fit, Healthy & Strong by Justine Switalla

Here is what you get when you say YES to being healthy & vibrant;


    • Daily emails with tips and mindset hacks
    • 4 x pre recorded core workouts each week that you will tack onto the end of your resistance based workouts 
    • 1 x Leg session live with with Justine in the FB group each week 
    • 1 x core intensive Pilates based live workout with Dani in the FB group each week 
    • ALL NEW 4 week training program 
    • Weekly guided breathe work, yoga stretches & meditation with our new FEMME expert Devi Ananda who specializes in Yoga, Breathe work, Energy Healing, Bowen Therapy & Postpartum Health
    • 1 x for home & 1 x for the gym – 4 day split program hitting your legs, upper body and full body.
    • A weekly stretch routine 
    • 30 day meal plan using whole foods that are vegetarian and plant based which are optimal for cleansing the gut and helping to de-bloat. We want to teach you how to get real energy from the food that you eat. These recipes are all scannable to My Fitness Pal via the food guide provided 
    • Shopping list 
    • 1 x cooking live stream each week with Frances using our amazing anti- bloat recipes 
    • Weekly intention setting 
    • Forum support

    Add On’s;

    FERMIO – 4 week gut health cleanse. This will fast track the fat loss process and assist your gut in repairing itself

    Customised Macros – We highly recommend this if your goal is fat loss $47

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Sam's Mind Body Overhaul

Sam lost a whopping 16kgs

I approached Justine for help because I was really down about the way I looked, and I felt unfit and healthy. I remember sending my first photos to her and could hardly look at them! I knew Justine would be able to provide what I needed, which was mainly just a kick up the bum! But what I got from her was so much more! Justine encouraged me to start loving myself and be comfortable in the body that I have. She truly understands the pressures of being a working mum and that sometimes we just don’t have time to fit in exercise and meal planning! Her meal plans were personalised and she had heaps of suggestions for meals to keep things exciting, all being super easy to make. I’ve really enjoyed feeling strong from the weight training too, and she changes it up so regularly to keep your body guessing! I have had a fantastic result from the program, and I am so proud and confident in myself now. I love going to the gym and feeling fit and healthy again. I have lost a total of 16kg since July 2016 and between 15-24cm off my major measurements! Thank you Justine for your amazing program, you have really improved my health and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle in the long-term!

Kirsty's before & after shot

Kirsty is rockin’ that bikini!!!!

I started Justine’s Mind Body Overhaul program in April last year and completed two rounds- I was breastfeeding, sleep deprived and trying to juggle two young children at the time. I thought that I was ready for the challenge of transforming my body and put a LOT of pressure on myself to achieve big goals in a short period of time and you know what, I just wasn’t ready for that yet…BUT after completing the two rounds I took on all of the invaluable things that I had learned- how to train hard and eat right- and slowly started to incorporate the changes into my life. Justine’s program definitely does work!! You just need to soak it all up and plug away at your goals at your own pace. It may take 4 weeks or it may take a year but if you don’t give up you will make progress! Justine has given me the education and the inspiration to keep going and I can’t thank them enough for this.

Alex's before & after shot

Alex lost 16kgs and changed her mindset!

Hi guys my name’s Alex, I’ve been with Justine for just over about 12 weeks now and she’s asked me to put together a bit of a video on my experiences, what I’m getting out of the program and show of my progress so far. So I started the program twelve weeks ago. It was a recommendation from my sister-in-law who just had the most amazing results and said to me look you know you really should consider it. I’d been really unhappy about my weight I’d been unhappy about my fitness and more importantly, I just hadn’t been happy in myself. I think my mindset was my biggest challenge, so I thought I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ll give it a go! I Almost joined before Christmas, but then I had a really big trip planned to visit my family overseas and to travel Europe. I thought I do not want to be in a position where I can’t eat something or I can’t you know enjoy myself so I waited until I got back and started the program straight away in January in the last 12 weeks. I’ve lost about 16 kilos, but more importantly than the way I just feel so much better about myself! I’m lifting weights I never thought I’d ever left, and I’m enjoying the gym in a way that I never thought I’d enjoy it. The food is great. I eat more than I’ve ever eaten before and the funny thing is people say to me, “Oh my god What diet are you on?”And I have to say to them, I’m not on a diet. I’m eating healthy I’m eating to fuel my body and to nourish my body which is very different to what I was doing before which was just eating for eating sake or eating because I was depressed or eating because I was angry or stressed about something. If there’s one thing I can say is that I would recommend this program to anybody at any stage in their life. It just has made the world of difference to me my health and my relationships with my family and with my husband. I really can’t thank Juzzy enough. So if you are on the fence get off that fence and sign up for this program. It will change your life!

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