12 things that being a mummy has taught me that no one told me about!

                                                                       Leo 7

1- The true meaning of exhaustion… Especially in the early days, I honestly found the first 12 weeks very challenging and had many melt downs during that time. I had no idea if what I was doing was right, I just did what I could to keep both me and my baby alive!

2- How hard breast feeding is.. I actually had no idea how hard it is to feed your own baby. I thought it was going to be this blissful experience that just happened naturally. Leo was a massive FEEDER, he ate a lot and during those early stages I was couch bound (like I actually made an indent in the couch from sitting on it so much). I got cracked nipples that killed when I fed him and I also had the dreaded mastitis. I was not a fan of the express pump either as I felt like if I wasn’t feeding Leo I was pumping my boobs to get milk. Of course I loved the experience and know the importance of sticking it out as long as you can but it was something I had no idea about. Everyone is of course different and maybe for our next baby it might be easier for me as I will have a better idea of what the hell I am meant to do. It did of course get easier eventually and I breast fed Leo until he was 6 months old!

3- The true meaning of being selfless- You literally have no control over this, you just put your baby/child first in every single case. This is something I believe to be so instinctive and truly amazing! Your number one priority is your child’s safety and you go above and beyond to protect them!

4- How important it is to have a partner who ‘gets it’ and lets you cry and have down days without judging you. I am blessed that my husband is very hands on and helps as much as he can. He works long hours and still chips in when he can and NEVER complains. Not like me lol… I always let him know how tired I am or that I’m having a shit day.. You have to work as a team and communicate through the tough times.. Being parents is tough work and learning how to juggle everything and still make time for each other can be challenging at times!

5- That babies and toddlers are bullies! Each and everyday ALL day Leo hits me, head butts me, pulls my hair, hits me with his toys (or my iphone- currently sporting a lump on my forehead from him hitting me with it the other day). I had NO idea how strong babies are and how much they can hurt their mummies. I have been in tears sometimes, not only at the pain but I just get so frustrated that he hurts me. I know it is a sign of affection and that he doesn’t mean to do it but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it freakin’ hurts!!

6- The ability to go from one emotion to the next in seconds- ie you go from complete LOVE and admiration to FRUSTRATION to LOVE again then to ANGER and then back to LOVE again all within the space of 30 seconds. This is more the stage I am at now with my toddler.. Testing moments that is for sure and patience is something you have to learn pretty quick!

7- The amazing support that there is for mums out there! I had no idea how supportive and wonderful other mums can be. Yes there are some that are judgmental but I have had so much more positive support than I have negativity. I love that we all ‘get it’ and help each other, I dont know where I would be without the support of my mummy communities!

8- How amazing a woman’s body really is. Bearing a child and then labour and childbirth is the most surreal experience. Yes it is painful (the labour and childbirth part) but how freakin’ cool that we can grow humans!!! What also freaked me out was how quick the pain from childbirth disappeared and I can’t actually recall how painful it was! 

9- That it is OK to reach out and ask for help! This is a tough one and something I still struggle with. Having no family here makes it hard for us but we make it work and now that Leo is older it is getting easier to reach out to friends when I need too!

10- How to let go… I am and always have been a control freak.. So as you can imagine one of the biggest lessons I have learnt after having Leo is that I simply can not control everything. I have learnt that it is ok to have a messy house, that it is ok to keep my pyjamas on for half a day (or a full day lol), that it is ok to not shower for a day and that it is ok to feel down and out and lose motivation, this is totally acceptable when you are giving 100% of your energy and focus to your baby. For me it is all about embracing the good days and letting the bad days wash over me, they do pass and you do get through them so it’s best to ride them out without trying to control your emotions and try and be ‘on top’ of everything all of the time!

11- How amazing I am at juggling things and mulit tasking. Also I never knew how many things (including a baby) I could carry all at one time. I swear sometimes it would be easier if mums where designed with an extra pair of arms but somehow we get by and can master anything with one hand pretty quick!

12- How children complete you and change your views on the world! Leo has completely changed not only how I see myself and my body but how I see the world. He lights up my life everyday just by smiling and laughing. He makes me proud daily with his development, I am still amazed and in awe of the fact that I grew him! I guess that is a feeling that never goes away which is a pretty cool thing to think about everyday!

All in all being a mummy is the best thing in the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am so grateful for my little family and for the life lessons I am learning daily! Children are our biggest teachers, they truly are amazing little humans who teach us quick smart the things that we need to in life!


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