Check out these awesome results from a mum who finished my fit healthy mums post natal program! She looked fab before she started and only wanted to shift a few kilos but wanted a plan that she could use for life and that is sustainable!!  Her body comp changed a lot (especially around her hips and tummy) and she definitely tightened up through her mid section which is the toughest part to conquer post baby!

This is what she had to say:

I have finished my 8 weeks and I have lost about 4kg and about 4cm from my hips.(didnt do any other measurements). If I’m honest I followed the food 90% of the time but yes I did slip up a few times, I am only human lol. I’m feeling great though and am back to pre preggy weight. The food is something I will definitely stick to long term. Thanks so much for your program Justine! 


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