One of those weeks, we all have them!

This blog ain’t going to be about anything educational, this one is just me having a moment where I feel I need to share my feelings and thoughts. I think that sharing your thoughts and writing stuff down always tends to help you when you are feeling a tad ‘down and out’.

I don’t know about you but as soon as the colder months hit, I feel a lack of inspiration. I feel more inspired in the warmer months, I love the sunshine and daylight and daily outings!
The colder weather makes me want to curl up on the couch and watch Netflix and drink more than my fair share of red wine. I never used to feel this way until I became a mum, I guess because before I had Leo I was working in a gym in the evenings and my clients and classes would always keep me feeling inspired.

Nowadays I am stuck inside my house most of the day/night with a 2-year old who knows how to push my buttons, it is a lot harder to entertain a 2-year-old when it is too cold to go to parks and have outings in the afternoons. I have to admit I do love the 2 days a week that Leo is in daycare, not only for my sanity and so that I can work but for him as well. He is a typical boy and he has ENERGY to burn all the time, trying to keep up with him is near impossible and I always end up hurt, he is so rough! That is one thing I had no idea about, how rough boys are. I always end up in pain from either being hit, bitten, head-butted, pinched, the list goes on! Being a mum sure is a whirlwind of emotions, elated and so in love one minute, the next you want to tear your hair out!

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 5.28.45 pm
I am lucky in that I love the gym, training is something that I look forward to and is very much a part of my weekly routine, I am so thankful for this as it helps to keep me sane. For me, the colder months make me feel a tad less inspired, I feel like my creative brain switches off and I just want to not have to keep up with all of my work and keep creating content for everyone to read. Don’t get me wrong I love educating people and helping people but when I feel like this I feel like there is nothing I could say that would help people. I guess you could say when I feel less creative and inspired I start to doubt my abilities and my knowledge, crazy hey?!

For years, I have lived my life online, don’t get me wrong, I do feel blessed that I get to connect with so many people, but some days/weeks it gets too much! Some days I just want to say nothing at all and let myself feel what I am feeling and not have to post anything. Facebook has become a full-time job for me and I guess like any job that you have, you have days where you resent it. I think that is why I love using Snapchat more these days as I get to share my real life in real time and I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s opinion or negativity, I just get to be me! I run my business 100% on my own, I don’t have a marketing team to help me, I do everything myself. I have had to learn so much and I always feel like there is still so much that I need to know and learn, it gets quite overwhelming at times. I guess the positive is that we have to keep learning in order to keep growing and we definitely have to fall on our arse a few times and get things wrong to learn, I think that is what we call ‘learning the hard way’.

Social media also brings so much added pressure on society these days to have the best jobs, the biggest and best houses, to have the hottest body, the best relationships etc, you can’t help but look at everyone’s highlights every now and then and think ‘I wish that was me’.  To look at your newsfeed daily and only see all the highs that other’s are sharing can really crush someone who is battling something or going through a hard time.  Social media has its benefits but boy oh boy it also has its downfalls.

Anyway, you all know that I like to speak my truth so this blog was more about me having a place to share my thoughts and feelings and I must say I do feel better for having done so!

I hope that a small part of this resonates with you and makes you feel like you are never alone in your hard times or struggles and that you can find comfort in the fact that we all have them.

If you are on Snapchat add me, I post on there a lot more than FB and IG these days!

My username is Justinefitmum (snap code below)

Here is to better days ahead!!

Juzzy xx





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