Fit Healthy Mums - Justine and Leo

Justine Switalla is passionate and is on a mission to impact and empower women around the globe.  Having landed in Melbourne in 2005, Justine hit the ground running within the fitness industry and she and hasn’t looked back.

Her charismatic presence and expertise has landed her appearances in Oxygen Magazine, NZ Fitness and numerous other magazines an online publications. After gracing the cover numerous times, Justine then went on to write for Oxygen magazine, sharing her passion for health and fitness with its readers.

Over the years you may have seen Justine presenting for Les Mills Asia Pacific, BodyBlade on TVSN or heard her speaking on 3AW and SEN talk back shows. Justine has made appearances on Studio 10 as their fitness expert and she has been the face of many well known brands and businesses. She is also a key note speaker and has spoken at many events and fitness expo’s around Australia in the hope to empower and educate people.

Justine’s credentials as a personal trainer and fitness professional are impressive. She ran her own personal training business for 10 years, only moving on when she had her son Leo. She has written best selling eBooks and after her pregnancy, she created ‘Fit Healthy Mums’ which is an online hub to help women pre and post baby get into the best shape of their lives in a very healthy and sustainable way.

Justine didn’t always have it easy, she struggled with adjusting to being a new mum and running a business. In this time her marriage broke down, she had to re-build herself and her business so that she was able to look after herself and her son Leo. This has given Justine more inner strength than ever as once you hit rock bottom, there is only one way to go, and that is UP.

Justine has impacted and inspired thousands, people seem to love her for her honest and ‘real’ approach to her health and fitness goals. Justine loves the odd red wine and definitely believes that you can enjoy life while being healthy, life is about balance and being balanced means you need fun and joy in your life.

Justine runs an online coaching program ‘Mind Body Overhaul’, where she transforms women from a place of self loathing, unhappiness and overwhelm to self love and confidence, totally overhauling their mindset which in turn helps them to lose the unwanted weight. Her number one passion is seeing the women who come through her program walk away feeling total love for themselves.  So many women are living their life feeling stressed, lost, lonely, tired and just over it, over ‘trying’ to do it all and be perfect and in turn they simply can not lose the unwanted weight.

Justine believes that with the right support, attitude and tools anyone can overcome what it is that is holding them back and achieve their goals. Her vast knowledge and life experiences definitely sets her apart from the rest and with out a doubt if you are sitting there wondering whether or not she can help you, she CAN, just check out some of the amazing testimonials from some of her clients.

Image from one of Justine's fit mum article's in Oxygen Magazine!

Image from one of Justine’s fit mum article’s in Oxygen Magazine!