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Justine, Leo & Matthew

Justine, Leo & Matthew


My philosophy for anyone to achieve their dream body is that you need to “take care of your mind to take care of your body”. It all starts from within, what you think you are! That is where I come in, I will help you believe in yourself and overcome the many setbacks that we experience in life pre and post baby. I believe that you can have your dream body and your dream life to go with it, you just need the right path and the self belief to make it happen.

I can very proudly say that my credentials are:

    • Fitness Professional
    • Pre and Post Natal Certified
    • Fitness and Fat loss Expert
    • Oxygen Magazine Brand Ambassador
    • Multi time Covergirl
    • Author
    • TV Presenter
    • BodyScience Sponsored Athlete
    • Les Mills Presenter for RPM and CXworx
Image from one of Justine's fit mum article's in Oxygen Magazine!

Image from one of Justine’s fit mum article’s in Oxygen Magazine!


As you can see over the years I have conquered many areas of the fitness industry but I truly believe that my calling is to help other mums gain control of their lives and their bodies. I know this because I have been there, I have done things the wrong way, I have stressed out about the way I look and have tried to be lean all year round. The truth is, it wasn’t until I fell pregnant that I truly relaxed, I used to put a lot of pressure on myself and on my body to always be in tip top shape and to be leading from the front. I can honestly say that pregnancy saved me and opened my eyes to the true meaning of life and how amazing my body was on another level.

It is funny how differently I see the world and my body now! Pre baby I had tunnel vision, I had all the time in the world and I was able to be very selfish! I trained when I wanted too, I ate pretty strict and I didn’t really have much of a social life. I was living a very fast paced life where the days would fly by as I was on a mission to achieve my next goal. I had so many things on the go and had a lot of amazing opportunities that I made the most of.

What makes me sad is that there are women out there who can not see how amazing they are and value what their bodies are capable of, if you are reading this and you are a mum or a mum to be then you need to pat yourself on the back! Pregnancy, childbirth and being a mum is the biggest roller coaster ride of your life and you really need to believe just how amazing you are!

Being in the public eye and having had years of experience in helping transform women’s bodies made the decision easy for me to come out with a pre and postnatal program. I knew that I had the tools and the knowledge to make it happen and make one that is not driven around stripping body fat in a matter of weeks. My programs are geared towards helping women feel PROUD of their bodies pre and post baby, I want to empower women all around the world to take control of their lives and get themselves healthy from the inside out!

There is NO quick fix, the changes that need to be made have to happen gradually and become habitual. I didn’t just bounce back post baby my body shrunk but my body composition changed a lot much during my pregnancy with Leo. I am like YOU, I have my own struggles but the only difference between you and I, is that training and nutrition are like second nature to me and the habit’s are in place. I want to teach you all that I know and give you the tools that you need so that you can get on top of your goal. Whether you want to get healthy for pregnancy or while you are pregnant or if you are postpartum and looking for guidance, I know I can help you!

I really hope that you will join my FHM team and let me help you on your journey. When you join my team you become a part of my mummy community and you will never feel alone again! It is time to take the power back and get the body that you deserve!!!

Learn exactly how Justine got her abs back post baby by following her program!

Learn exactly how Justine got her abs back post baby by following her program!